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Always believe in your dreams, because if you don’t, you’ll still have hope.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Flying? Don’t risk damaged gifts.

If you’re jetting somewhere to spend the holidays with your loved ones, think about shopping online and having your gifts sent to your destination, or at least an address very near your destination. This way, you can carry less luggage with you and minimize the chances of gifts getting lost or damaged by baggage handlers.

Knot As Easy As You’d Suppose.
How can you hold onto both ends of a rope and tie a knot in the rope without letting go of either end?*

Seattle isn’t really that rainy

Outsiders tend to think of rain when they think of Seattle and Puget Sound, but Seattle actually comes in 44th in average annual rainfall among major U.S. cities (38 inches a year). In contrast, New Orleans gets 60 inches of rain annually, New York City 43 inches per year.5

STAY INVESTED TO STAY AHEAD OF INFLATION One of the leading threats to the quality of your retirement is also one of the subtlest. You may have heard that inflation is all but absent, but that is not the case – the core Consumer Price Index (minus energy prices) has risen 1.9% in the past year. At some point, the supply glut in oil will disappear and oil prices will rise, driving costs of everything from food to airfares higher.

Even if we have only 2% inflation for the next few years (which may be highly unlikely as normal inflation is about 50% higher than that), inflation eats into the purchasing power of households, most notably those headed by retirees. Thanks to inflation, the lifestyle that $60,000 bought in 2000 cost $85,000 in 2013.

This is why growth investing is important for baby boomers and seniors. Equity investing gives your invested assets the potential to outgrow inflation, as the possible return on these kinds of investments can far exceed annual increases in consumer prices. Any retreat from equity investing into ultra-conservative, risk-averse investments runs the risk of undermining your retirement lifestyle and income potential.1,2


Millions of Americans spend all or part of the year living on boats – along our shores, along the coasts of Mexico, and at other ports of call. Even with the cost of maintaining and docking a boat, the tranquility, mobility, and uniqueness of the live-aboard lifestyle represent a dream retirement to some boomers.

Boating industry analysts estimate the number of boomer boat owners at between 10-17 million. In Mexico, boat owners do not have to pay tax or duty on their vessels if they pay about $50 for a 10-year temporary import permit – a nice perk, but owners must still understand state and international tax laws once they harbor away from their home ports. Living aboard a boat also means coping with moisture, reduced living space, and more motion and smells than life on land presents. Still, it is an aspiration for people who want both a sense of adventure and a sense of calm from life.3

Thanks to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, Medicare Part B premiums will rise 15% rather than 52% for 16 million Medicare recipients next year. Monthly Part B premiums are now projected at $120.70 a month for these 16 million Medicare beneficiaries rather than $159.30 a month.4

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Retirement In Sight for November, 2015
Retirement In Sight for November, 2015