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June 2014

Make yourself necessary to  somebody. Do not make life hard to any.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

When you want to chip it low and let the ball run toward the flag, your stance really matters. So narrow your stance and play the ball off of your right foot. Swing straight back and through with firm hands, keeping your hands ahead of the ball at impact. Keep your hands low at the finish.

Staying Focused.
Without her glasses, Zelda can only focus on objects exactly 4 feet from her face. Any closer or further, things get blurry. On occasions when she puts on eye makeup and can’t wear her specs, how far must she hold her face from the mirror?*

An overlooked historical nugget

The first American gold rush began in North  Carolina in the late 1790s. For more than 30 years, the U.S. Mint made all of its  gold coins from North Carolina gold.4



Most retirees think about how they would like to be remembered, yet relatively few opt for legacy plans or even less formal means to communicate their stories and pass on their values. Perhaps that isn’t surprising – according to a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll and RocketLawyer, 64% of Americans don’t even have a basic will, and that is up from 52% in 2011.1

Charitable gifting is but one dimension of legacy planning. In addition to funding a cause that reflects your beliefs and values, you could also arrange a family gifting strategy for your heirs. A family history (bolstered by genealogical research) can let your kids and  grandkids know where you came from, and affirm their place along the branches of the family tree. You could also write a legacy letter – a last, personal message to your spouse and/or heirs – and complement it with an ethical will, which is a non-binding written or recorded document that can pass along life lessons and anecdotes and note why certain possessions are going to certain people at your passing.    

Being able to communicate with those you love one last time is a gift – an occasion to tell your heirs what life meant to you, a chance to let your heirs know how much they meant to you.  

Traveling, golfing, fishing, hunting … when you get home from these adventures and pastimes and sit down with that morning cup of coffee, you may find yourself a little bored and seeking purpose. It happens. What’s the cure for retirement restlessness?       

Perhaps an old passion needs to be reawakened. Or perhaps a new one needs to be found. As Houston Chronicle senior living writer Alice Adams notes, the search starts with three questions. One, “What have I done that didn’t seem like work?” Two, “What have I done that I’ve never grown tired of doing?” Three, “What have I done that has energized me, either intellectually or emotionally?” The answers may guide you toward your passion – and if they don’t, opening yourself to new experiences might. Think young and look at retirement as a beginning.2

On June 10, the Dow Jones Industrial Average notched its ninth record close of the year. On the same day, the S&P 500 settled at a record for the nineteenth time in 2014.3

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Retirement In Sight for June, 2014
Retirement In Sight for June, 2014